Rights activist urges foreign community to recognize Taliban’s “gender apartheid”

Tamana Zaryab Paryani, left, the organizer of the hunger strike, poses for a photo near her protest camp in Germany. Sept. 3, 2023.

Women’s rights activist, Tamana Paryani, has called on the international community and human rights organizations to recognize the Taliban’s “gender apartheid” in Afghanistan.

Paryani, who spent time in Taliban custody, is now based in Germany and is currently on a hunger strike in Cologne.

On Saturday, the ninth day of her hunger strike, she called for harsher measures to be taken against the Taliban. She said the continuation of aid-packages to Afghanistan should be stopped and Taliban leaders should be prevented from traveling abroad.

Zarmina Paryani, Tamana’s sister, who is also on a hunger strike, said their aim is to speak out for the people of Afghanistan.

“Today, our protest enters day nine; our goal is that the voices of suffering people of Afghanistan should be heard,” she said.

Sixteen activists started out on the hunger strike. This number has however dropped to nine. They are: Tamna Zaryab Paryani, Yalda, Zarmina Paryani, Beheshta, Ramzia, Gulchihra, Zala, Fatima and Shifta.

However, Paryani’s hunger strike has drawn wide attention.

Human rights activists Meena Rafiq and Huda Khamosh also started a hunger strike in front of Norway’s parliament.