UN says WFP needs $1 billion to avoid rations reduction in Afghanistan

Children waiting in a queue to receive food in aid in Kabul on January 18, 2022.

After cutting food aid to another two million people in Afghanistan, the United Nations said the World Food Program (WFP) needs $1 billion in funding to address its needs in terms of helping vulnerable communities across the country.

According to the organization, 21 million people in Afghanistan need life-saving food aid and nutrition, and livelihood support; but the World Food Program says that it only has the ability to help one out of five people who go to bed hungry at night.

The Australian National University said in an article that if Western powers and the Taliban do not take care of the people, Afghanistan will face famine and mass starvation in the winter season.

The World Food Organization said that the humanitarian crisis is beyond politics and the focus should be on the women and children of Afghanistan.

People across the country have in turn appealed for help from international organizations.

“Until recently, there were many aid organizations in Bamiyan and people benefited from the aid, but it has been a while since” there has been aid, said Mohammad Zaman, a resident of Bamiyan.

“The aid of the World Food Program did not stop coming these few decades and it was very good because people were saved from poverty and hunger by means of such aid,” said Mohammad Zia, another Bamiyan resident.

The move to cut aid to two million people comes just weeks away from winter setting in, which will put thousands of families at risk. The UN warned that vulnerable families will face the risk of starvation, disease and even possible death if they do not get help.

Many organizations in the country have stopped or partially halted their activities after the Taliban banned women from working for aid agencies.