University entrance exam results announced

Taliban’s Ministry of Higher Education on Monday announced the results of this year’s all-male university entrance examination.

More than 88,000 candidates participated in the exam, with 82,000 individuals achieving the coveted status of university enrollees, spanning both private and public institutions, according to Taliban officials.

Notably absent this year, however, were women candidates, due to the Taliban’s ongoing restriction on female students attending the university entrance exams, which unfolded over five rigorous rounds.

Among the victors of this rigorous academic challenge, Mahmoud, hailing from the Farah province, emerged as the top scorer, amassing an impressive 359.1 points. This feat has secured his place at the prestigious Kabul Medical University.

In a close race for academic excellence, Abbas, representing Kabul, secured the second spot with an admirable score of 357.4, thereby clinching a coveted position at Kabul Medical University as well.

Taking up the third position with an impressive score of 355.7 is Abdul Baes, another aspirant from Kabul, who has also been granted admission to Kabul Medical University.

Shafiullah from Ghazni province secured the fourth position with a commendable score of 345, thereby earning a place at the esteemed Kabul Medical University.

Rounding off the list of high achievers, Hashmatullah, a dedicated student hailing from Kabul, stood at the fifth position with a commendable score of 352. He, too, has been successfully admitted to Kabul Medical University.

Taliban claimed that the number of those who have succeeded to be enrolled in public and private universities has significantly surged this year with a margin of 20,000 candidates compared to the previous year.