Watchdog raises concerns over installation of ‘thousands’ of cameras in Kabul, other cities

In response to the recent installation of a staggering 62,000 CCTV cameras by the Taliban in Kabul and other cities, Amnesty International expressed profound apprehension, warning of the potential establishment of an all-encompassing surveillance state.

Matt Mahmoudi, Amnesty International’s distinguished Researcher and Advisor specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights, voiced his concerns regarding the Taliban’s decision to deploy this extensive network of security cameras.

“Implementing such an expansive infrastructure of mass surveillance under the pretext of ‘national security’ establishes a disquieting precedent, enabling the Taliban to perpetuate its oppressive policies, which flagrantly violate the fundamental rights of the Afghan populace—especially women in public spaces,” he said.

He emphasized the far-reaching implications, adding, “If fully realized, this surveillance framework would also corrode the rights to privacy, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression, all of which have faced unprecedented threats since the Taliban assumed power, causing the erosion of the rule of law.”

Last week, the Taliban publicly disclosed its installation of over 62,000 “security cameras” in Kabul and other major cities within the nation.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Interior has conveyed its intent to continue expanding this camera network as part of its broader strategy “to further enhance public security.”