EU ministers to address Gabon crisis, Borrell says

European Union defense ministers are slated to convene discussions concerning the unfolding situation in Gabon, as confirmed by foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Wednesday.

Borrell emphasized the substantial impact of this matter on the broader region, suggesting that if a coup is indeed verified, it could exacerbate the prevailing instability.

“The reports (pertaining to Gabon) are currently muddled. I received preliminary information early this morning,” Borrell said, responding to inquiries about the situation in Gabon. “If these reports are substantiated, it signifies another instance of a military coup, amplifying the instability across the entire region.”

In a noteworthy turn of events, a contingent of senior Gabonese military officials took control of national airwaves in the early hours of Wednesday, making a public declaration of their assumption of power.

This followed closely on the heels of the state election commission’s announcement of President Ali Bongo’s successful securing of a third term.

As of now, the government of Gabon, an OPEC-affiliated nation, has yet to release an official statement on the ongoing developments.

Similarly, there exists no immediate data regarding the whereabouts of President Ali Bongo, with his last public appearance being his participation in the election process on Saturday, August 26.

Should the coup come to fruition, it would mark the eighth instance of such occurrences in West and Central Africa since the onset of 2020.

The series of coups, spanning across Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Chad, and Niger, have collectively undermined the steady progress towards democratic governance in the region over recent years.