Four people arrested by Taliban in Parwan, sources report

Two of four individuals reportedly arrested by the Taliban in Parwan. Saifuddin (left) and Mahfouz (right).

Sources have confirmed that four individuals hailing from Shotul district in Panjshir province were detained by the Taliban in Parwan province on Sunday.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Saifuddin, Mohammad Mahfouz, Shah Wali, and Ainuddin, according to the sources.

Saifuddin previously held a position as a police officer in the former government, the sources noted. All four individuals were reportedly “forcefully” displaced from Shotul district by the Taliban and subsequently relocated to the neighboring Parwan province alongside their families.

Sources indicate that the detainees are being held on allegations of collaborating with the resistance front.

As of now, the Taliban has not commented on the matter.

This coincides with a recent report from the United Nations, which highlights hundreds of cases of murder, torture, and detention of former government officials and ex-soldiers by the Taliban over the past two years.