Freedom Front claims attack on Taliban outpost near Kabul

Taliban members on a Kabul street. File photo.

The Freedom Front, an anti-Taliban military faction, has claimed to have attacked a Taliban outpost in the Qara Bagh district to the north of Kabul. The attack reportedly took place in the early hours of Thursday morning.

In a statement, the Freedom Front reported that their operation resulted in the deaths of two Taliban members, with an additional five sustaining injuries.

The strike occurred at 1:30 am on Thursday in the Qara Bagh district, near the Kabul-Parwan gate.

The Freedom Front said that none of its own members incurred injuries during the attack.

As of now, the Taliban has not issued any commentary on this incident.

This follows a significant escalation in offensives by anti-Taliban factions throughout August. According to their released statements, these operations have reportedly led to the death of numerous Taliban members.