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Afghanistan: Renowned comedian and actor, Abdul Ahmad Khaksar, dies at 67

Abdul Ahmad Khaksar, a celebrated figure in Afghanistan’s entertainment realm as an actor and comedian, breathed his last on Monday at the age of 67, succumbing to a prolonged ailment he had endured for years. The news was confirmed by one of his close relatives.

Khaksar’s artistic journey was punctuated with performances in diverse films and television productions. His inaugural foray into acting unfolded in 1982 on the National Radio Television (RTA).

Simultaneously, he contributed his expertise as an educator at Kabul’s Abdul Hadi Dawi High School.

His most iconic portrayal adorned the TV series “Meerak,” a comedic gem from the early 2000s.

Over four decades, Khaksar ardently dedicated himself to the Afghanistan film industry, embellishing it with his talents. His intellectual acumen was underscored by his bachelor’s degree in Persian literature.

As a comedian, Khaksar etched his presence onto the small screen, gracing multiple television programs and participating in four cinematic ventures.