Taliban’s army chief says Pakistan unable to ensure its own security

Days after reports emerged about two attacks by Pakistan against Pakistani militants in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s army chief Fasihuddin Fitrat on Sunday said Islamabad lacks the ability to ensure its security and because of this it blames Afghanistan when something happens.

In recent weeks, multiple officials from Pakistan, including Pakistan’s army chief Gen. Asim Munir, have said that their territories are attacked by militants making use of Afghanistan’s territory.

Fitrat said they will not allow anyone to attack Afghanistan and that Islamabad should look for its enemies in its own territory.

Last week, Pakistani media reported Hafiz Gul Bahadur, a key commander of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan was targeted by an airstrike in Afghanistan.

Fitrat, who addressed a press conference in Kabul on Sunday, rejected the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan and said intelligence agencies of other countries are carrying out some destructive activities under the name of ISIS (Daesh) in Afghanistan.

Based on information from the Taliban’s Ministry of Defense, 35 Taliban have been appointed to the highest rank of general.

Taliban has said that the ministry of defense under their control has received 170,000 applications to join the Taliban army so far.

But it has been reported many times that the Taliban arrest and kill former soldiers in different provinces.