India dispatches 47,500 tons of wheat to Afghanistan amid crisis

The Indian government has started dispatching 47,500 metric tons of wheat and 200 tons of medical assistance to Afghanistan, while also addressing the plight of drug addicts within the country.

India’s collaboration with the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) has facilitated the internal dissemination of wheat across Afghanistan. Through this partnership, the conveyance of wheat as aid to the WFP centers within the nation has been achieved. Shipments, originating from the Chabahar Port in Iran, have arrived at Herat as part of this effort, Indian media reported.

UNWFP conveyed its appreciation to India and other benefactors for their invaluable contributions.

“During the first half of this year, 16 million people in Afghanistan received life-saving food from WFP. We extend our gratitude to India and generous donors who make this possible,” WFP said in a post on X.

India’s support transcends immediate relief actions. Winter clothing and essential stationery items have been extended to primary students of Kabul’s Habibia School, reflecting India’s dedication to the long-term welfare and education of Afghan children.

Despite India’s non-recognition of the Taliban regime, the country maintains a “technical team” in Kabul since 2022, overseeing the distribution of humanitarian aid. The resurgence of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan in 2021, following a hiatus of two decades, remains a significant backdrop.