Families search for missing as death toll reaches 27 in Dominican Republic explosion

Families of individuals unaccounted for in the wake of an explosion that shook the town of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic embarked on a fervent search for their relatives on Wednesday, August 16. The incident, which occurred on Monday, August 14, has tragically claimed the lives of 27 individuals, as confirmed by the National Emergency Operations Center.

Amid the heart-wrenching ordeal, firefighters, soldiers, and rescue squads persistently labored within the disaster zone. Families, meanwhile, gathered outside local medical facilities, hoping for news of their loved ones. Many expressed their efforts in scouring numerous medical centers, yet regrettably, no information regarding the whereabouts of their family members has emerged.

“We meticulously combed through the entire hospital premises, but the person we are seeking remains unaccounted for under the name we possess. A recorded message from an acquaintance indicated sighting her yesterday, though she remains elusive. I examined one of the victims who sustained extensive burns and fractures, yet their identity does not align with the individual I am desperately seeking,” lamented a relative of one of the victims.

The cause behind Monday’s explosion, which has left the community reeling, remains undetermined. According to an official bulletin issued late on Tuesday, August 15, the COE (Central Emergency Operation) reported that the blast resulted in injuries to 59 people. In response, a collective effort involving over 500 individuals and 32 ambulances has been mobilized.

Authorities continue their dedicated investigations to ascertain the circumstances that led to this devastating incident.