Iran’s special envoy to Afghanistan accuses US of sponsoring ‘terrorist’ groups

Iran’s special envoy to Afghanistan Hassan Kazemi Qomi has accused the United States of fueling instability in Afghanistan and of replacing their military forces with terrorist groups such as Daesh.

In an interview with Iran’s IRNA, Qomi said the US hopes to turn Afghanistan into a center of crisis for its neighbors.

The continuation of instability in Afghanistan is important in the policy of occupiers because this country must become a critical area for its neighbors, while the regional countries are after establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan, he said.

He also said the situation in Afghanistan will affect the security of Iran and Pakistan.

The policy of Iran and Pakistan in creating a stable, safe, and constructive Afghanistan is not only to the benefit of the people of Afghanistan but also in line with regional security and the national interests of Tehran and Islamabad, he stated.

“After 20 years of occupation, the Americans failed and had to withdraw. Today, they organized terrorist groups like ISIS (Daesh) to replace their military forces in Afghanistan,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

“The US does not want stability or an improvement in the economy, trade and security in Afghanistan, “because it feels that if stability is established in Afghanistan, it will lead to the investment of countries like China, with which the Americans are in serious competition,” he told IRNA.

Qomi’s remarks come on the eve of Washington’s August 15, 2021 troop withdrawal and the collapse of the former government.

His remarks also follow on the heels of a meeting last month in Islamabad between the foreign ministers of Iran and Pakistan. The two diplomats underscored their commitment to maintaining cooperation and dialogue concerning Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, said after the meeting that Islamabad and Tehran are unwavering in their commitment to engaging on Afghanistan and emphasized the shared goal of both nations to promote peace and stability within Afghanistan.

Simultaneously, Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian conveyed that regional initiatives provide the optimal pathway to aid and address Afghanistan’s situation. Abdollahian stressed that the attainment of lasting stability and security in Afghanistan hinges on achieving political stability.