Iranian parliament approves plan for free trade zone at Afghanistan border

Iran’s parliament on Sunday granted approval for the establishment of a free industrial and trade zone in the Dogharoon region, situated on the border between Afghanistan and Iran.

The plan secured a favorable outcome with 161 votes in support, 53 opposing votes, and 8 abstentions.

With this plan’s ratification, the potential for significant export growth to Afghanistan is poised to materialize, creating a favorable environment for enhanced trade between the two nations.

The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran disclosed that the blueprint for the Dogharoon border terminal, recognized as the paramount border crossing point connecting Iran and Afghanistan, received formal approval in March 1400 by the Council for the Organization of Land Entry and Exit Points in Iran.

Dogharoon customs officials in Iran announced that the previous year witnessed the movement of over 2 million tons of goods through this border, out of which 460,000 tons were exported and the remainder were recorded as transit items en route to Afghanistan.

The Dogharoon border terminal is situated 18 km from Taibad, and the city, with a population of 120,000, is located 225 km southeast of Mashhad.

Iran’s Dogharoon border stands as the primary conduit for fuel and commercial merchandise from Iran to Afghanistan.