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Musk’s X platform to cover legal expenses for individuals facing unjust treatment over online posts

Elon Musk announced on Saturday that his social media platform, formerly known as Twitter but now called X, will assume the responsibility of paying legal fees and pursuing legal action on behalf of individuals who have experienced unfair treatment from their employers due to their posts or interactions on the platform.

The billionaire entrepreneur emphasized that there will be no financial limitations on supporting these legal endeavors.

In a statement, Musk revealed that the monthly user base of X had recently achieved a “new high,” providing a graphic representation that depicted the count surpassing 540 million.

These revelations emerge amid ongoing organizational transformations within the company. After 17 years distinguished by the iconic blue bird logo, Musk rebranded Twitter as X in July, unveiling a fresh logo. This move underlines the platform’s strategic shift towards crafting an “everything app.”