Washington’s former NSA says Doha deal was a ‘disastrous mistake’

FILE PHOTO: White House national security adviser John Bolton arrives to speak about the political unrest in Venezuela after violence broke out at anti-government protests near Caracas, outside the White House in Washington, U.S., April 30, 2019. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has said that the US-Taliban deal under former US president Donald Trump’s administration was “a disastrous mistake” for Washington’s “national security in the world.”

In an interview with News Nation on Friday, Bolton blamed both Trump for negotiating the agreement and the Biden administration for executing it, which he believes led to a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“He (Donald Trump) negotiated a deal with the Taliban that Biden later implemented that was a disastrous mistake for America and for our national security in the world,” Bolton said.

Republicans, meanwhile, hold Joe Biden’s policies responsible for the chaotic withdrawal and the current situation in Afghanistan.

However, human rights activists said that the overall consequences of US policies have resulted in a humanitarian crisis and widespread human rights abuses, particularly affecting women’s rights under Taliban rule.

Mawloda Tawana, a women’s rights activist, criticized the US’s conciliatory approach towards the Taliban and claims that the world, particularly the United States, has disregarded the values of the people of Afghanistan.

Nearly two years after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the US has engaged with the Taliban while refraining from officially recognizing them due to their human rights violations, especially towards women.

“If the Americans want to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan, they should have had to think and must think about the formation of an inclusive national government with broad social bases, but they don’t do so,” said Samar Sadat, a political analyst.