Increase in malnutrition cases among children reported by doctors in Takhar

Alarming reports have emerged from the north-eastern province of Takhar, as doctors reveal a surge in malnutrition cases among children in the region. According to healthcare professionals, the number of afflicted children has reached critical levels, with nearly 20 cases of malnutrition being reported at the provincial hospital every day.

Basit Tawana, a pediatrician at Takhar provincial hospital, confirmed the distressing situation. “We are witnessing an unfortunate rise in the admission of malnourished children on a daily basis,” he stated with concern.

Although the exact magnitude of the problem remains uncertain, the Taliban has acknowledged the escalating issue. Authorities at the Takhar provincial hospital have emphasized that approximately 20 children are brought in daily for urgent medical intervention.

Adding to the somber narrative, some afflicted families have come forward to shed light on the root causes of the crisis. Poverty has been identified as a leading factor driving the rise in malnutrition cases, depriving children of access to adequate nutrition and medical care.

Kobra, mother of two children from Takhar, shared her painful journey. She recounted that her children fell prey to malnutrition four months ago, and ever since, their lives have been a constant battle for survival at the public hospital in Takhar. “I can no longer afford my children’s education and, in a desperate attempt to salvage their health, I find myself exhausting all resources available,” Kobra lamented.

Abdul Qayyum Abrar, a resident of Takhar, expressed solidarity with the affected families, acknowledging the dire circumstances they face daily. The financial strain imposed by poverty has driven numerous parents to seek medical aid for their malnourished children at the provincial hospital.

Zarina, another mother coping with her child’s malnutrition, tearfully echoed the sentiment. “Without adequate funds to buy essential milk for our children, we have no choice but to turn to the hospital for help,” she said, her voice quivering with anguish.

The situation has drawn international attention, with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) sounding the alarm on the dire state of child malnutrition in Afghanistan. According to their recent report, a staggering 875,000 children across the country face the imminent threat of malnutrition, with their lives hanging in the balance unless urgent financial support is provided.