Teams from 11 provinces participate in wrestling competitions in Takhar

Athletes representing 11 provinces gathered in Takhar for a wrestling competition aimed at selecting the best talents for provincial-level teams. The event that ended on Sunday was organized by the Judo Federation in the province and attracted at least 200 athletes from across the eleven provinces.

Officials from the Judo Federation emphasized that the competitions were intended to promote the sport among the youth, identify outstanding talents, and foster an atmosphere of peace and camaraderie among different ethnic groups in the country.

The sports field in Takhar was packed with thousands of spectators from the center and various provinces, who came to cheer on the wrestlers and witness the sport.

Wrestlers engaged in intense matches, using their skills and training to outmaneuver their opponents and achieve victory by successfully bringing them down within the ring.

Among the wrestlers competing was Haseebullah from Baghlan and Kamaluddin from Takhar, both vying for victory in the 66 kg weight category.

“I have trained hard for this competition,” said Farhad Majidi, an athlete from Baghlan.

“I am determined to give my best performance,” added Khairullah, another athlete from Baghlan.

Many athletes expressed their support for such competitions, as they believe they contribute to the development of the country’s traditional sports.

“I am proud to represent my province in this competition,” said Kamaluddin, an athlete from Takhar.

On the other hand, some young people view these competitions as a means to revitalize the spirit of the youth and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle, steering clear of drugs.

“I hope more young people engage in sports to avoid the dangers of drug addiction,” said Khusraw Jahish, a resident of Takhar.

Wrestling holds a significant place in the culture of northern Afghanistan, and these competitions are regularly held on special occasions, drawing participants and spectators alike.