Taliban to appoint 100,000 teachers for ‘religious education centers’

The Ministry of Education of the Taliban announced on Sunday that their leadership has approved a plan to recruit a minimum of 100,000 teachers for “religious education centers” in Afghanistan.

In a statement, the ministry revealed that the implementation of the plan has already begun with a test conducted for the hiring of 1,445 teachers in the northern province of Balkh on Sunday.

According to the Taliban’s pronouncement, “jihadi madrassas” will be established in various provinces, with each district expected to host three to ten religious primary schools as part of this initiative.

This development takes place amidst stringent restrictions imposed by the Taliban on education for certain segments of the population. Notably, girls above the sixth grade have been barred from attending schools for nearly two years, while women have been prohibited from pursuing higher education in universities for the past seven months.

In a previous statement in June, the Taliban confirmed the establishment of “jihadi madrassas” in at least five provinces within the country over the past year. The curriculum for these religious schools has reportedly reached an advanced stage of finalization.

The Taliban’s move to appoint a substantial number of teachers for religious education centers is likely to draw significant attention and raises questions about the educational prospects for Afghanistan children and the nature of the instruction to be provided at these institutions.`