US congressmen introduce bipartisan resolution in support of human rights in Afghanistan

A group of women attend a protest in Kabul on Oct. 2022. File photo.

A group of US congressmen, led by Representative Jason Crow, a veteran of Afghanistan and Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight and Accountability, has introduced a resolution aimed at supporting the people of Afghanistan, particularly partners who assisted the US mission while condemning the Taliban’s ongoing persecution of women, girls, and members of ethnic and religious minority groups in the country.

Joining Rep. Crow in co-sponsoring the resolution are Representatives Mike Waltz, Joe Wilson, and Susan Wild.

The resolution not only expresses solidarity with the people of Afghanistan but also calls for an investigation by the Secretary of State into potential crimes against humanity committed by the Taliban, with a specific focus on women and girls. Furthermore, it urges the United States to collaborate with its allies and partners to develop a comprehensive long-term strategy to counter the Taliban’s human rights abuses and hold them accountable, according to a statement released by Rep. Jason Crow’s office.

“The Taliban has committed atrocious human rights abuses, especially against women and girls, and must be held to account,” said Rep. Crow. “The US fought in Afghanistan over 20 years; I deployed to Afghanistan twice. We have a moral duty to support our partners who are now targets of Taliban violence. With this resolution, my Republican and Democratic colleagues agree: we must honor our promises, defend human rights, and support our partners.”

Congressman Mike Waltz, a former Green Beret who served in Afghanistan, emphasized the urgency of addressing the human rights atrocities committed by the Taliban following the US withdrawal. “In the aftermath of our withdrawal, the Taliban are reverting to their most oppressive behaviors, including extrajudicial killings of our former allies, religious and ethnic minorities, and turning back the clock on the most basic of rights of women and girls,” said Rep. Waltz. “I am proud to join my colleagues on this resolution to hold the Taliban accountable for their vile human rights abuses in Afghanistan today.”

Highlighting the dire situation faced by those living under Taliban rule, Congressman Joe Wilson underscored the need to take action against the human rights violations. “Women and girls have effectively been banished from public life, and ethnic and religious minorities face violence and abuse from the Taliban,” said Rep. Wilson. “I am grateful to join Rep. Jason Crow in supporting the people of Afghanistan and holding the Taliban accountable for its human rights abuses and support for terrorism.”

Congresswoman Susan Wild expressed her concern over the worsening human rights situation in Afghanistan and stressed the importance of collective action. “This targeting of women and girls, of humanitarian workers and human rights defenders, of journalists, of religious and ethnic minorities cannot go unaddressed,” said Rep. Wild. “That is why I am proud to join my colleagues to urge action among our democratic allies and partners, to hold the Taliban to account, and take necessary steps in defending the rights and livelihoods of Afghans.”

According to the statement, Rep. Crow has been an ongoing and fierce advocate for Afghanistan allies and partners, spearheading initiatives such as the Afghan Allies Protection Act to expand and extend the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program, introducing the Afghan Adjustment Act to provide a legal adjustment process for Afghan allies already in the US, and establishing the Honoring Our Promises Working Group following the announcement of the withdrawal.