Doctor performs rare hip joint replacement surgery at Kabul hospital

In a significant medical milestone for Afghanistan, a doctor has successfully performed a hip joint replacement surgery at a private hospital in Kabul, bringing hope to patients suffering from joint-related ailments in the country.

Aimal Wardak, the skilled orthopedic surgeon who carried out the groundbreaking operation, highlighted the advancements in the field of hip joint replacement. With the implementation of new techniques, he achieved positive and durable results.

Patients who traveled from remote parts of Afghanistan expressed their relief at being able to undergo such a critical surgery within the country, eliminating the need to seek medical care in neighboring nations.

Wardak, who received specialized training in orthopedics from prestigious institutions in India, the US, Germany, and Hong Kong, is now equipped to perform hip replacement surgeries with the latest method at a medical facility in Kabul.

“While we have previously achieved undeniable successes in joint conversion surgeries,” Wardak explained, “this new method marks a significant step forward in Afghanistan, offering even more effective outcomes for patients undergoing this type of operation.”

Nisar Ahmad, a 28-year-old from Herat province, sought treatment in Kabul for the operation. “I’m very thankful to Dr. Wardak for changing my life,” Ahmad expressed with gratitude.

Another patient, Jamshed, who had previously relied on a wheelchair and was unable to stand on his feet, traveled from Nangarhar to Kabul to undergo the transformative surgery. “I can now walk again and have a new lease on life,” Jamshed joyfully shared.

The Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan, now under Taliban control, has reported that every year, tens of thousands of Afghanistan citizens used to travel to neighboring countries to seek treatment for orthopedic issues. However, with the successful implementation of hip joint replacement surgeries within the country, the dependence on foreign medical aid may be reduced.

Afghanistan has faced a challenging situation regarding the provision of healthcare services, with foreign aid declining and an ongoing economic crisis. The World Health Organization has estimated that over $2.5 billion is required to support the health sector in fifty countries, including Afghanistan.

The successful hip joint replacement surgery performed by. Aimal Wardak has brought new hope for improving medical care within Afghanistan and ensuring that patients can receive vital treatments without having to leave the country in search of medical solutions.