Takhar youth forced to find work outside the country due to economic crisis

The economic crisis and desperate shortage of jobs in Afghanistan’s Takhar province is forcing its youths to seek work outside the country.

In fact, significant numbers of educated youths are being driven out of the country because of poverty, a lack of jobs and fear of the Taliban.

Takhar resident, Fida Mohammad, is one of thousands who have undertaken the perilous journey to Iran in a bid to escape poverty.

Two years ago he went in search of work in the neighboring country but was eventually forced to return home due to the high cost of living in Iran.

“Two years ago, I traveled to Iran due to the fear of the Taliban and poverty, but the expenses in Iran were too high. I didn’t have much income and that’s why I returned to the country,” he said.

“There are no employment opportunities in the country [Afghanistan] and I can barely manage to provide for my family,” Mohammad said.

Others in Takhar, who run small businesses have also raised concerns about the lack of markets for their products.

Fawad Ahmad, a shoemaker in the provincial capital Taleqan City, who has provided job opportunities for four people, said that the Taliban has made life difficult for people by imposing heavy taxes and taking money under various pretexts.

“Our income was good during previous years, but our customers have declined in the last two years. On the other hand, the officials of the tax department collect high amounts of tax which has doubled the problems,” Fawad Ahmad said.

The loss of job opportunities in the past two years has led to the youth becoming demotivated about staying in the country. Instead they choose to migrate, facing perilous journeys to foreign countries.

Economic experts have said the Taliban need to roll out infrastructure projects across different provinces in order to create job opportunities for the youth – who are the future of the country.

Abdul Basir Mudbor, an economic analyst, emphasized the importance of creating suitable conditions for education and job opportunities to prevent young people from leaving the country.

Since the Taliban’s takeover, many citizens, particularly women, have lost their jobs, driving some to seek employment in neighboring countries like Iran, and prompting migration through various routes.