Afghanistan: Two men flogged in public in Laghman

File photo from a public flogging incident in the central Parwan province. 2022.

The Taliban on Tuesday carried out public floggings of two individuals in Laghman province in the eastern region of the country, as confirmed by a statement from the Taliban’s high court.

The men were subjected to this punishment after being arrested on charges of “having affairs,” with each accused receiving 30 lashes.

Moreover, the individuals were handed a sentence of one year in prison, compounding the severity of their punishment.

This incident is part of an alarming trend, where the Taliban has resorted to public floggings since December of the previous year, affecting hundreds of people who have been accused of various crimes. These actions have been met with strong condemnation from international organizations. However, the Taliban has justified these rulings by asserting their compliance with Sharia law.

Human rights organizations have vehemently denounced public floggings as a grave violation of human rights, contradicting the principles of justice, dignity, and equality.

Figures by the United Nations show that nearly 300 people have been flogged in public by the Taliban on charges of different crimes since November 2022.