Female students worry this year’s Kankor exam is for ‘males only’

With this year’s university entrance examination just one week away, female students in Afghanistan have raised their concerns as they have not been called for fingerprinting nor have they received their exam cards.

Despite universities having been closed to female students since December last year, countless girls have spent months, even years, preparing to sit the Kankor exam – especially girls in Bamiyan.

Now however, they say they are very concerned as their futures are uncertain.

One female student in Bamiyan, Muhadisa, said she has been diligently preparing for the Kankor exam for the past two years and really hopes to secure a place at a university of her choice.

“I am one of the girls who have been deprived of education, and now I am eagerly waiting to take part in the Kankor exam,” she said.

Many female students meanwhile said they have not been called for fingerprinting, despite the exam being just days away.

These girls are deeply concerned about the uncertainty surrounding their participation in the exam and appeal to the Taliban not to deprive them of their right to education.

Fatima Jafari, another high school graduate, expressed her frustration, saying: “The date of the Kankor exam for male students has been determined, but we face uncertainty. The situation is very difficult and disappointing to see my 12 years of hard work being destroyed like this.”

“I feel that all my efforts have been wasted, and it is not only me but my entire family who is upset about this situation,” said Hamida, another student.

The first round of the 1402 Solar Calendar’s Kankor exam is expected to take place simultaneously in eleven provinces, including Bamiyan, Baghlan, Paktia, Takhar, Jawzjan, Khost, Faryab, Logar, Daikundi, Sar-e-Pul, and Ghor, on Friday.

Some male students have said they will be called for fingerprinting on Wednesday. They also joined in the call to the Taliban to ensure that girls are not deprived of the opportunity to participate in the Kankor exam.

This year, the exam will be conducted in five rounds across various provinces, with the fourth round scheduled to be held in Kabul.

The hope is that all eligible candidates, including female graduates, will have the opportunity to take the exam and pursue their dreams of getting a higher education.