Landslides, floods hit South Korea killing 7, over 1,000 evacuated

Seven people have died, three were missing more than a thousand were evacuated as a third day of torrential rains wreaked havoc in South Korea on Saturday causing landslides and the overflow of a dam.

As of 11 a.m. (0200 GMT), 1,567 people had been evacuated nationwide, according to the Ministry of Interior and Safety with local government’s evacuation orders covering more than 7,000 people at various times.

Evacuations could increase as water has overtopped the dam in North Chungcheong province with the Goesan Dam discharging as much water as it could.

Korea Railroad Corp said it was halting all slow trains and some bullet trains, while other bullet trains might be delayed due to slower operation, as landslides, track flooding, and falling rocks threatened safety.

In a meeting with government agencies on Saturday, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo called for the military to actively join in rescue activities, working with government officials to mobilize equipment and manpower.