Afghanistan: Female students in Takhar raise their voices over education ban

Many female students in the northern Takhar province of Afghanistan have raised their voices over increasing restrictions imposed on women and girls by the Taliban.

The students added that the scope of limitations on women’s rights has expanded.

Among the students is Fatima, who had just graduated from Grade 12 and started university when the Taliban imposed its ban on university education for girls and women across the country.

She believes that the Taliban has closed all opportunities for girls and women, depriving them of their rights.

“We could have at least continued our education through tuition centers and learned something. But they are also closed, no one has any idea about the reason [of closure]. It is concerning and we all are concerned about our future,” Fatima said.

The head of the union of educational centers in Takhar said that five educational centers in the province have already closed down and educational institutions may face closure if the situation continues.

“This would not only discourage students across Takhar, but we would also witness the closure of all educational institutions in Takhar,” said Sayeed Jamshid Jahid, the head of the educational centers union.

A number of students said that the closure of educational centers would be a significant loss for the young generation of the country.

“The centers must be reopened and the government (Taliban) must support them,” said Abdul Musawir, a student in Takhar.

Since the Taliban’s return to power in 2021, various orders issued by its leader have imposed restrictions on women in different sectors, particularly in education, employment, and freedom of movement.

These limitations have raised concerns about the future prospects and development of women in the country.

In a recent development, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, the Taliban’s leader, verbally declared a ban on beauty salons across the country.