Taliban suspends Swedish activities across the country

The Taliban has suspended all Swedish activity in Afghanistan following the desecration of the Holy Quran during a recent protest in Stockholm.

The Taliban said early Tuesday Sweden needs to comply with the directive and inform its relevant organizations of the suspension. The Taliban has also demanded an apology from Sweden for insulting the Holy Quran and the Muslim faith.

“After insulting the Holy Quran and the Muslim faith in Sweden, the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) suspends Sweden’s activities in Afghanistan until they apologize to the Muslims for this heinous act,” the Taliban said in a statement issued by its spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on Tuesday.

“IEA’s (Taliban) relevant organizations are obliged to comply with this directive,” the statement said.

Slamming the act, the Taliban also called on other Muslim countries to reassess their interactions with Sweden in light of this incident. “Looking into the rude act of Sweden, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants other Muslim countries to reconsider their interaction with this country,” the Taliban said.

The Taliban did not elaborate on the extent of Sweden’s activities in the country. The country however maintains a limited presence in Afghanistan after its diplomats and citizens were evacuated in August 2021. Its embassy has also remained closed.