British diplomat meets with Taliban in Doha after visit to Kabul

Continuing efforts to address the crisis in Afghanistan, the new British Charge d’Affaires, Robert Dickson, has held a meeting with the head of the Taliban’s political office in Doha.

In a tweet Monday, Dickson stated that the meeting was a follow-up to discussions held with Taliban officials in Kabul a week ago.

People have high expectations for these meetings, including the reopening of schools and the creation of employment opportunities for women and girls. Experts also emphasize the need to revise the action plans of countries involved in the Afghanistan issue for the success of global efforts.

For nearly two years, the people of Afghanistan have eagerly anticipated meetings and engagements between the international community and the Taliban. The hope is that these efforts will bring about positive changes, allowing girls to attend school and women to return to work.

Shafiullah Shirzad, a resident of Kabul, expressed the aspirations of many by saying: “We want schools, universities, and educational centers to be opened to girls, so that we can build our society together and uplift women, who constitute half of our society, out of poverty.”

However, it is evident that the scope of restrictions on people’s lives is expanding day-by-day.

Sangar Amirzada, head of the contact group for peace, lamented: “Unfortunately, we have been forgotten. If the Americans and the major countries in the region genuinely seek political and economic stability in Afghanistan, they must reach an agreement on the Afghan issue.”

According to Akhtar Mohammad Rasakh, an international relations analyst: “Britain is making efforts to convince the Taliban to accept these two demands.”

Earlier, the British diplomat had discussed women’s and girls’ rights, humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, and a positive future for the country with Taliban officials in Kabul.

In response, Shaheen emphasized the importance of interaction and discussed Afghanistan’s economic and humanitarian situation. He further stated that Dickson stressed his commitment to continuing humanitarian cooperation with the people of Afghanistan and that he strives for positive engagement.

Simultaneously, countries worldwide are endeavoring to address the challenges faced by Afghanistan, particularly women and girls who have experienced difficult times with regard to human and economic rights under Taliban rule for nearly two years. Each passing day has brought additional hardships and restrictions imposed by the Taliban.