Afghanistan: Reconstruction of livestock farms begins in Nangarhar to revitalize the sector

Efforts are underway to revive the livestock farming sector in Nangarhar province, as reconstruction work has commenced on the Nangarhar Livestock Farm. The province boasts a favorable climate for year-round agriculture and farming.

The Nangarhar Livestock Farm, destroyed during conflicts three decades ago, is now being rebuilt to support the revitalization of livestock farming in the region.

Ghulam Rahman Kazim, the head of the Nangarhar Canal Office, a department operating under the Ministry of Agriculture, announced that an investment of Afs50 million ($574,000) has been allocated for the project, which includes the construction of a dairy farm for 500 cows.

“In the past, there was reliance on foreign imports, and domestic production was limited. We are striving to increase our domestic production,” Kazim stated.

Local residents of Nangarhar highlighted that the province heavily relies on imported dairy products from Pakistan and Iran due to the limited capacity of Nangarhar’s livestock farms.

“If we have opportunities here, we won’t need to seek employment in other countries. I urge businessmen to invest within our country and keep their capital here,” said Zarpacha, a resident of Nangarhar.

The contract for the reconstruction of the Nangarhar Livestock Farm has been awarded to the private sector, providing employment opportunities for 150 local residents.

“We currently employ around 150 people here, including 50 individuals indirectly associated with our work,” explained Jabarkhil, the head of the contracting company.

Drought and locust invasions have resulted in significant damage to agricultural lands across various parts of the country, particularly in the north and south. According to statistics from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Afghanistan’s agricultural production is projected to decrease by 25 percent in the upcoming harvest season.