Iran publicly executes two men from Afghanistan

Iran has publicly executed two men from Afghanistan after finding them guilty of being involved in last year’s attack on the Shahcheragh shrine in Shiraz City.

According to local media reports, Mohammad Ramez Rashidi and Naeem Hashem Qatali, both from Afghanistan, were executed in Shiraz and three other people were sentenced to five to 25 years of imprisonment in connection with the attack.

The other individuals were identified as Mohammad Rahmani, Mustafa Jan Amani, and Hamidullah Kabuli.

Last year’s attack on the shrine resulted in the death of 13 individuals, with 40 others sustaining injuries.

Iranian authorities blamed the attack on the Islamic State (IS) group.

The Iranian government and media previously stated that Rashidi and Qatali, along with four others, were responsible for the attack on the Shahcheragh Shrine, which occurred during nationwide protests in Iran.

Charges brought against Rashidi and Qatali included “corruption on earth” and “acts against national security.”

Their execution has raised concerns, as the Iranian Human Rights Organization based in Norway stated that forced confessions were obtained from the accused individuals.

Rashidi, identified as the main suspect, was accused of receiving orders from the IS (Daesh) leader and assisting the main perpetrator in the attack by delivering weapons and scouting the surroundings of the shrine.

However, no clear evidence of his direct involvement in the attack has been provided by the Iranian government.

Qatali, a laborer, was sentenced to death over claims of collaborating with an individual named Abdullah Saeed.