Afghanistan: ‘Forgotten’ Kunar children have waited for years for proper schools

In the scorching heat of Kunar province’s Sarkano district, over 2,000 students are forced to spend hours each day in the open air as they have no proper shelter.

These students have expressed their disappointment, stating that no government in Afghanistan in recent years has addressed their plight, and the dream of receiving an education in a covered space remains elusive.

Amu reporter visited the Shungali valley in Sarkano district, where residents feel that their challenges are finally gaining attention through televised reporting.

In this valley, there are six schools, none of which have a proper building or roof.

Under the blazing sun, with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius, children persistently attend these makeshift learning environments.

The situation is no different for the 6,000 students in the Sarkanui district of Kunar.

“Our schools lack buildings. Whether it’s raining or the scorching sun, it’s difficult for us. We urgently need proper structures for our schools,” expressed Pam Jan Haji, a resident of Sarkano district.

In Shonkaghri valley in the Sarkanui district of Kunar province, residents lead simple lives, detached from the advancements of the modern world but expressed gratitude for Amu’s visit, claiming it brings attention to their challenges.

“I thank you for coming here. Our school is old, and students are studying under the sun. Many promises were made, but none were fulfilled. Children are still studying under the open sky. We desperately need our school to be rebuilt,” stated Gul Ahmad, a resident of Shonkaghri valley, in Sarkano district.

Even the local Taliban members acknowledge the hardships faced by the residents of Sarkanu district.

“This area, Shungali valley, is located far from the district center. I urge aid organizations and relevant institutions to pay attention to this area,” remarked Aminullah, the Taliban district governor for Sarkanu district.

Furthermore, the valley lacks a medical center, leaving the people feeling neglected and forgotten about by successive governments in Afghanistan.