Bamiyan hosts women’s handicrafts, local products exhibition

A two-day exhibition of handicrafts and local products was held in Bamiyan province to improve local businesses and attract the attention of tourists who visit the central province.

Salma Ahmadi, the head of Zahhak Handicrafts Association, who has been working in the handicrafts sector for seven years, said she hopes that her business will improve.

“Handicrafts business was faced with a declining path over the past three years but we hope to see some improvements this summer,” she said.

Khadima Ahmadi, who is in charge of the Muqaddas Handicrafts Association, said she has also been working in the handicrafts sector for seven years and that she has 100 female employees.

“Businesses are down generally, but we hope that we can get some opportunities to sign some contracts for the improvement of our activities,” she said.

Anahita Mohammadi, owner of an art workshop in Bamiyan, said she started her business seven months ago and paints and creates artwork using local styles.

“I am happy to showcase my artworks at this exhibition so that people can enjoy seeing them,” she said.

Some Bamiyan residents who visited the exhibition said that such events will help create some hope for business people, especially women.

“I am here to support local products and handicrafts so that we can see their improvement,” said Habib, a resident of Bamiyan.

Abdullah Sarhadhi, Taliban governor for Bamiyan province, promised to cooperate with women investors and will support local products in the province.

“Bamiyan residents are hardworking people. They want to become self-reliant. We have asked all organizations to support them so that they can send their products outside the country,” he said.

Bamiyan residents said that the market for handicrafts in their provinces often drops off in winter but they hope that it will improve this summer.