TV network back on air in Helmand after two years

Sabawoon television, a local TV network in the southern province of Helmand which had been suspended for two years due to economic challenges, has resumed its broadcasts.

“Sabawoon TV will have six hours of programs every day. It will have a news bulletin as well,” said Nabi Akmal, head of the TV network. “Previous conflicts had damaged the studio, and there were technical issues, and we managed to repair them in the past two years.”

Journalists in Helmand have welcomed the move and say journalists in the province will benefit from Sabawoon TV’s resumption of operations.

“This is the best news for me that a media outlet is resuming operation in Helmand,” said Zwan Takal, a journalist in Helmand.

“This is a nice step for Helmand residents and we see it as a good opportunity for serving people through media and it is a big achievement in this regard,” said Ahmad Nusrat, a journalist in Helmand.

The residents of Helmand also said they are happy the TV channel is back on air.

Currently, seven radio stations and two television stations are active in Helmand, but after the Taliban took control of the country, four radio stations and two television stations closed down due to financial problems.