Afghanistan: At least six dead in recent floods

At least six people were dead and eight more injured in floods in eight provinces of the country over the past week, Taliban spokesman for the natural disasters management authority, Shafiullah Rahimi, said on Wednesday.

The floods hit Ghor, Badakhshan, Paktia, Kunar, Takhar, Bamiyan, Nuristan and Parwan provinces.

He said the floods have damaged 30 houses, 85 canals and bridges.

Badakhshan has been affected the most among the eight provinces that have witnessed floods, heavy rainfalls and landslides over the past seven days.

“I lost the farming fields from which I earned bread for my family,” said Mohammad Hamid, a resident of Shughnan district of Badakhshan. “The floods have damaged all farming lands. We will face harsh days if we don’t receive support.”

“It is one week that we are witnessing rains and floods. Trees and farmlands have been destroyed. We need help from relevant institutions,” said Ashraf, a resident of Shughnan.

Mohammad Kamgar, a manager at the national disasters management authority in Badakhshan, said that the floods hit Ishkashim, ZIbak, Shughnan, Nusai, Shaki and Kof Aab districts, inflicting heavy financial losses on the people.

He said the floods in Badakhshan have also damaged public properties including roads, bridges, small dams and canals.

Three people were wounded in Nusai district in Badakhshan while 20 houses were destroyed in the same district due to floods.