At least 100 inmates from Afghanistan handed over to Taliban by Iran

At least 100 prisoners, from Afghanistan, in Iran have been handed over to the Taliban, local media reported.

The handover of the prisoners happened after a series of talks between Taliban and Iranian authorities and both sides agreed to some conditions, a statement by Taliban’s foreign ministry said on Monday.

The inmates will serve out the remainder of their sentences in prisons in Afghanistan, said Mohammad Alim Noorani, Taliban’s deputy ambassador in Tehran.

Thousands of people from Afghanistan are jailed in Iran on various charges, mainly not having a residence permit.

Lately, the Taliban has intensified its efforts to free the country’s citizens from Iran’s prisons and to transfer prisoners to the country.

Quoted by Taliban-run Bakhtar News Agency, one returned prisoner, Noorgul Qaisari, said “he is happy” for being transferred to prisons in Afghanistan.

Millions of refugees from Afghanistan live in Iran, however, thousands have returned in the past few years.