Four suspects arrested for links with ‘Afghanistan’ Daesh in India: Report

Photo: Indian media

Indian media have reported that four Indian nationals have been arrested by the police in Gujarat on charges of links with Daesh’s Khorasan branch when they wanted to travel to Afghanistan through Iran.

Those arrested include three men and a woman who are from Kashmir and Gujarat.

The Gujarat police have said in a statement that the suspects planned to use fake passports to enter Iran and then enter Afghanistan.

Those arrested have said they have been radicalized by a person named Abu Hamza who also ordered them to move to Afghanistan. It is said that Abu Hamza is a Daesh commander in Pakistan.

“By accessing the cloud storage account of these individuals in the presence of independent witnesses, the police team was able to obtain several images of these individuals with the ISKP banners and flags in the background, videos of the four Kashmiri youth giving Baya’h (oath of allegiance) to the Amirulmomineen (commander of the faithful or leader), audio clips of their baya’h as well as document files mentioning that they have committed Hijrat to Khorasan”, a police statement said as quoted by the Indian Express.

“They were to partake in attacks on behalf of the ISKP in its terror campaign in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and attain martyrdom whereupon their pre recorded statements, images, videos, and documents would be used by the handler and ISKP to declare their successful attainment of martyrdom,” the statement added.

This comes after the UN Security Council said in a new report on Afghanistan that attacks by Daesh’s Khorasan branch in Afghanistan have become more complicated and deadly.

Taliban often talks about eliminating Daesh but Afghanistan under their rule has witnessed serious attacks by the terrorist group.

Daesh claimed responsibility for two major attacks last week in the northeastern province of Badakhshan that killed dozens of people, including two key members of the Taliban.