Watchdog seeks end to arrests of Afghanistan nationals in Pakistan

File photo.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) in a statement on Sunday said that it has received numerous reports from credible sources indicating that the Pakistani police have been extensively involved in the widespread detention of Afghanistan refugees and migrants in Pakistan and have expelled some of these migrants and refugees from the country.

The AIHRC said it acknowledges that the expulsion of these displaced individuals is a tragic event and poses a serious threat to the life of many human rights activists, protesting women, prosecutors, defense lawyers, former government officials, media activists, artists, intellectuals, and political activists.

The AIHRC urged the Government of Pakistan to refrain from the detention and expulsion of Afghanistan’s refugees, who are among the primary victims of war, political crises, and social problems in Afghanistan.

The AIHRC calls upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to initiate effective negotiations and dialogue with the Government of Pakistan as soon as possible and take measures to prevent the oppressive actions of the Pakistani police.

The AIHRC also requests the Special Human Rights Rapporteur for Afghanistan, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, and other influential regional and international bodies and structures to investigate the human rights situation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and strengthen support and mechanisms for addressing the demands of Afghan refugees in Pakistan based on explicit, transparent, and accepted standards of refugee and migrant rights.

The AIHRC is ready to play its crucial and fundamental role, along with other human rights bodies and structures, in documenting, investigating, and engaging in dialogue with Afghan refugees in Pakistan and regional and international structures.