South Asia

Pakistani human rights activist Jibran Nasir ‘abducted’ in Karachi

Prominent Pakistani human rights activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir was abducted late on Thursday night in the southern city of Karachi, his wife said, prompting widespread outcry in the country.

Reuters reported that no law enforcement agency has confirmed that Nasir is in their custody, but his abduction comes as the country is mired in a fresh bout of political turmoil.

Mansha Pasha, Nasir’s wife, told Reuters the two were driving home when they were intercepted by a white pickup truck and a sedan. At least 15 armed men in civilian clothing then told Nasir to get out of the car without explaining why he was being taken, she added.

Quoted by Reuters, Pasha said that she tried filing a case with the police, but they were reluctant to register it officially. A spokesman for the provincial government of Sindh did not respond to a request for comment.