Group of volunteers educating impoverished children in Khost province

A group of dedicated volunteers in eastern Khost province of Afghanistan is providing free education to impoverished children who work on the streets due to financial difficulties.

Recognizing the potential in these children, the volunteers have enrolled 30 students in their program, giving them hope for a brighter future.

The volunteers are helping the children, aged between six and 14, who have been deprived of education due to poverty.

The young volunteers have said the children dream of attending school.

In addition to educating them for free, the volunteers also teach the children that education will determine the best destiny for them.

Led by Naqibullah Zaland, these volunteers have registered 30 underprivileged children so far and have set their sights on expanding their reach to as many as 100 students.

“Our children are running carts in the city [transporting goods] and are engaged in other intense work. We stepped in to provide education opportunities to them and teach them about the importance of education,” Zaland said.

The volunteers said that these children are busy learning various subjects.

Meanwhile, the child workers in Khost, who are unable to pay for school, have welcomed the move.

“I cannot afford to go to school, I run this cart. He (Zaland) came to me and told me that he will provide me with education for free,” said Rafiq, one child labor worker.

To ensure the success of their mission, the young volunteers collaborate with local merchants to acquire stationery and educational materials.

Their ultimate goal is to establish free educational classes throughout Khost, leaving no impoverished child behind.