Turkmenistan sends doctors to Herat hospital to support women’s health in Afghanistan

Turkmenistan doctors at a maternity hospital in Turghundi, Herat. Photo: Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that three female doctors have been sent to Afghanistan as part of a vital humanitarian mission.

The doctors have already started their work at Turghundi Maternity Hospital in Herat.

The ministry shared a photo of the doctors in action, highlighting their dedication and the positive impact they are making.

Prior to their arrival, the Turghundi maternity hospital underwent extensive renovations, which were revealed on May 3, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for patients.

In addition, Turkmenistan generously donated crucial medicine and equipment to fortify the hospital’s capabilities.

The doctors will continue their compassionate efforts in Afghanistan until the end of the month. But the ministry said it has made a firm commitment to sustaining its humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, pledging ongoing support for the country’s healthcare needs.

Turghundi maternity hospital in Herat stands as a symbol of cooperation and friendship between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Initially constructed with assistance from Turkmenistan, the hospital began operations on June 5, 2016. Its mission has always been to address the pressing healthcare challenges faced by the Afghan people, particularly women and children.

Under Taliban rule, Afghanistan has grappled with a lack of facilities and essential health services, posing significant obstacles to the well-being of its citizens.

The Taliban’s restrictions on Afghan women’s work have further exacerbated the situation, resulting in a plea for international assistance to strengthen the country’s healthcare sector. Afghanistan currently faces the highest maternal mortality rate worldwide, underscoring the urgent need for improved healthcare provisions.