Local firm launches air cargo services at Kabul Airport

A local company, Mufeed Group, on Saturday, inaugurated its air cargo services branch at Kabul Airport, a move that Taliban authorities from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said is the first-ever move by a local firm in the country.

Authorities of the company said they provide services for transferring goods to all countries. As a pilot phase, the company brought to the country 18 tons of imported goods on Saturday.

“Our service will facilitate the transportation of goods for investors,” said Abdul Karim Arifi, a representative of Mufeed Group.

Taliban authorities who attended the inauguration event of the cargo services at the Kabul Airport said they will support “any attempt” to improve investment in the country.

“We already have two strong companies, Kam Air and Ariana, but they were not enough for us, especially in cargo services,” said Nooruddin Azizi, Taliban’s acting minister of industry and commerce.

The business community said the transfer of goods by air cargo is one of the best options for exports and imports in the country.

“Air cargo is highly important for Afghanistan under the current circumstances,” said Mohammad Yunis Mohmand, the deputy head of the Chamber of Trade and Investment.

Previously, air cargo services were provided by different airline companies in the country but Taliban authorities said it is the “first-ever” company that is providing specific air cargo services.