Dozens of cyclists take part in Zabul race

Dozens of cyclists came together for a race in southern Zabul province on Monday, the provincial directorate of physical education and sports said.

The race was held in Qalat, the provincial capital, and drew 30 participants.

Provincial officials said the top four cyclists were presented with trophies, medals and gifts.

Ahmad Ghulami, the head of Zabul physical education and sports directorate, said contestants cycled 17 kilometers starting from the Katli area of Sayori district to the Sahrani area of the provincial capital.

“This competition was held under the umbrella of the cycling federation for the third time. We have planned to invite the youth across Zabul districts to the upcoming competitions and to organize great games,” Ghulami said.

Meanwhile, the Taliban information and culture director for Zabul Mawlawi Rahmatullah Hemad, said that the provincial authority had provided financial and technical assistance for the race.

“Beyond cycling competitions, we are also working in other areas to encourage young people to play sports,” Hemad said.

Karimullah, a cyclist, said that he was happy to participate and said events of this nature could pave the way for him to cycle at a national level.

“We are very happy about the arrangement of this competition and we request that further contests should be organized so that we can proceed to national contests at the level of the country,” he added.

Ahmad Zia Khpalwak, another cyclist, called on Afghan youth to stay away from drugs and to instead play sports.

 “I am very happy to participate in these competitions again and I believe that I will get first place. Exercise is the way to fight drugs,” Khpalwak said.

The cycling contest took place a day after Zabul’s cricket contest which saw teams from four provinces come together to play each other.