Women protesters in Islamabad warn against any attempt to recognize Taliban

A group of women from Afghanistan held a protest in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Sunday, warning the United Nations and the international community against recognizing the Taliban or holding any discussion about the matter at Monday’s meeting in Doha.

The women who are members of the women protesters movement said in a statement that they will continue to fight for their rights.

The women chanted: “We will continue to fight for our rights. Ban Doha meeting. No to Taliban. Ban Taliban.”

“Taliban as a terrorist and violent group knows nothing except oppression of women and children, suicide attacks, killings and lashings,” said a member of the movement as she read their statement during the rally in Islamabad.

The women said that human rights organizations, especially the United Nations, have taken an “indifferent stance” towards the Taliban’s policies for women’s rights and human rights and that some countries are even trying to pave the way for Taliban recognition.

“We have gathered here today to raise our voice against any attempt to recognize the Taliban,” said Maryam Samimi, a member of the women’s protest movement. “The UN should not recognize the Taliban, which has killed our people for the past 20 years and has silenced women.”

“I hope the Doha meeting will remove the Taliban,” another member of the movement said.

This comes as a number of Afghanistan nationals held protests in different European countries as well as in the US on Sunday to protest against any attempt by the international community and the UN to discuss the issue of Taliban recognition.