Activist Nargis Sadat tortured in Taliban custody, says women’s movement

The women’s protest movement on Sunday said that women’s rights activist Nargis Sadat who was arrested by the Taliban in February “has been severely tortured” while in custody and is “ill.”

The movement said in a statement that Sadat’s feet and hands have turned “black” and are swollen and covered in blisters. The movement also said she is in a bad way psychologically.

The movement added that over the past two weeks, Sadat has been kept with two other women in one cell. These two women have been charged with having links with Daesh.

According to the movement, Sadat is a leadership member of the women’s protest movement and was arrested in Kabul on Feb. 11. She had been ill at the time and was on her way to hospital when detained.

This comes as at least people, including a journalist, a musician, two activists and university lecturers, are in Taliban custody for the past few weeks.

Taliban did not comment on remarks by the women’s movement.