Nimroz residents given 24 hours to handover data forms to Taliban

The Taliban intelligence has begun collecting detailed information of households by distributing forms in Nimroz province in Afghanistan.

The households have been given 24 hours in which to complete the forms and hand them back to the group, sources familiar with the matter said.

Hamidullah Gheljayi, a resident of Khairabad village in Zaranj city, told Amu TV that the Taliban has started distributing forms, demanding detailed information about all families since Saturday across the city.

He added that the forms are titled “Security Form for Registration of Residents and Businessmen of Nimroz province.”

According to him, the Taliban either visit the households or mosques of all villages in order to collect and distribute the forms.

The Taliban also collect detailed information about a number of households from the Imam of mosques.

“The Taliban want to find out what [former Afghan] employees, particularly the soldiers of the former government, are doing now to see if they have or don’t have weapons,” Gheljayi said.

Asif Hotak, a resident of Ghulam Nabi village, said: “Via the distribution of these forms, the Taliban are collecting detailed information about people’s personal and work lives.”

The forms include five sections – including personal details, family information, information about having a weapon, exact address of the house and having property – that must be filled out by the head of households.

The forms also must be signed by the Imam of a mosque, and a representative of the area. 

“The Taliban want to find out about current and former jobs of former employees of the previous Afghan government through the forms and register their residential area and not having a weapon; in order to arrest them if any slight provocation is noticed [in the future],” Hotak added.

“In the last paragraph of the form it is written: if the written content is proven to be wrong, I will be responsible,” the source added.

According to him, the Taliban have put people under strict control and pressure to fill out the forms with their real details and hand over to the group in 24 hours.

This comes after the Taliban distributed forms, demanding detailed information of people, in a number of other provinces.

The group last week urged residents of Balkh and Bamiyan provinces to share their information with the Taliban intelligence agency.