South Asia

Bus crash kills 41 people in Pakistan

Screenshot from Reuters video.

At least 41 people were killed after a bus fell into a ravine and caught fire in the southern Pakistani province of Baluchistan on Sunday, Reuters reported, quoting local officials.

Quoted by Reuters, district police officer Israr Umrani said 41 bodies had been recovered from the wreckage, some burned beyond recognition.

Footage shared by the Edhi Foundation aid and emergency response organization showed dozens of people were combing through the wreckage.

Reuters reported that Ambulance workers were carrying a dead body out of the debris to a row of body bags lined up on the bank.

The bus carrying around 48 people crashed en route to the southern city of Karachi from Baluchistan. It fell into a ravine and caught fire, officials said.

Fatal road accidents often happen in Pakistan where traffic rules are rarely followed and roads in many rural areas are in poor condition.

According to Reuters report, at least 22 people were killed in June, including nine members of one family when a passenger van fell into deep ravine in Baluchistan.