Politicians in exile launch new Afghanistan National Liberty Party

Afghanistan’s former intelligence director Rahmatullah Nabil along with other former politicians launched a new political party on Monday and released its short-term charter.

The Afghanistan National Liberty Party (ANLP) issued a statement and said following the collapse of the previous government in August 2021, and considering the critical and complex situation in the country and the need for greater cohesion among active political and civil groups, the leadership council of the ANLP has decided that now is the appropriate time to officially announce its existence.

According to the statement, the party’s short-term program for a transition period and the establishment of a legitimate political system and rule of law in the country is based on global values of democracy and the free will of the people of Afghanistan.

According to the ANLP, following the August 2021 collapse of the weak and mismanaged government, which ended with the president of the country fleeing, the Taliban group took over the authority in Afghanistan, a country whose outlook has since only deteriorated.

The statement noted that since then, the people of Afghanistan have suffered tremendously: women’s rights are being grossly violated, there is genocide, deliberate and systematic violation of human rights and the violation of human dignity, gender discrimination and discrimination against minorities, war crimes, violation of private property and privacy, forced migration, targeted killings, extrajudicial prosecutions, suicide attacks and explosions, arbitrary arrests, severe restrictions on the right to freedom of speech, the expansion of drug cultivation and trafficking, a brain-drain, mass migration of people, lawlessness and dozens of other unprecedented disasters that have become part of daily life.

In addition, Afghanistan has become a favorable environment for terrorist groups from all over the world. The ANLP stands for reversing this horrendous trajectory that the country has been put on, the statement read.

The short-term charter of the ANLP contains an assessment of the current situation; the basic roots of the crisis; basic views and goals; government system and new social contract; proposed “Charter of the Fundamental Rights of Afghan Citizens”; political authority and the issue of legitimacy; the nature of the political, social, cultural and economic development system; foreign policy; security and defense policy; and a proposed roadmap for a transition period.

“We believe that with the implementation of this plan, a sustainable peace and coexistence of citizens based on equality and justice will be ensured,” the party said.

The party suggested the convention of a “Grand Founders Assembly”, broad-based political coalition with no partisanship, cessation of leading Afghanistan backwards by the Taliban and “dissemination of our message”.