Afghanistan: Six people lashed in public in Laghman

File photo.

The Taliban on Tuesday publicly flogged six people, including two women, in Laghman province in Afghanistan.

The Taliban officials said that the suspects were whipped after being convicted by a judge for different crimes, including adultery.

Laghman provincial officials and a large number of people were rounded up to watch the flogging.

In a separate statement, the Taliban said that seven others will be “punished” in the Qarghayi district of the province on Wednesday.

The statement has also called on Qarghayi residents to watch the punishment, and told spectators not to take pictures and videos during the event as “violators will be dealt with severely.”

The Taliban officials stated that public punishment would help decrease crimes in society and that it “serves as a lesson for others.”

Although members of the public and journalists were invited to watch the floggings, no one was allowed to film the event.

Meanwhile, another four people, including a woman, were whipped publicly in eastern Nangarhar province. The accused were lashed in public for having sex before marriage.

Critics have slammed the Taliban for carrying out the punishments in public and have stated the poor get harsher sentences than Taliban officials.

According to Laghman sources, the Taliban failed to publicly punish one of their spokesmen for Laghman province, after a voice recording of him speaking “immorally” to a girl was leaked to social media a few days ago.

“One of the Taliban members had an affair with a woman, but he was not arrested, nor did anyone see whether he was punished or not,” a Laghman resident said.

The residents have said if the Taliban implements Sharia Law, then it must be carried out across all sectors of society, including Taliban members.

The latest public flogging brings the total of lashings to almost 200, including last week’s public flogging of 12 people, including one woman, in the Nad Ali district of southern Helmand province.

Taliban information and culture directorate for Helmand said in a statement that the suspects were sentenced to lashings for robbery and moral crimes.