Taliban district governor jailed for a ‘moral crime’ escapes prison

Taliban’s designated district governor for Onaba of Panjshir Mawlawi Humayun, who was in custody for having had gay sex, extortion, and weapons trafficking, on Monday escaped from prison with the help of a Taliban judge, sources from Panjshir confirmed.

A Taliban source familiar with the matter told Amu TV a Taliban military judge took Humayun out of the central prison of Panjshir and then helped the inmate escape to an unknown location.

One of the sources said, on condition of anonymity, that Humayun was arrested by the Taliban intelligence agency about one and half months ago after Onaba residents submitted a complaint during a meeting of Taliban officials.

A source close to Humayun said: “The Taliban governor for Onaba district of Panjshir was arrested for the crime of having sex with another Taliban member, and the Taliban charged him for dealing weapons in order to preserve the Taliban’s dignity.”

Sources, meanwhile, accused Humayun of harassing three women in the Onaba district, stating that the women went to Humayun to find information on the whereabouts of their husbands who were in the Taliban’s custody, but were sexually harassed by him.

One of these women told Amu TV that when she went to the governor’s office with her father-in-law, Humayun asked her why she came with her “father-in-law” and if she wants to know about her husband’s condition or for him to release her husband, she should meet Humayun alone at his guest house.

Sources from the Taliban told Amu that Humayun was arrested after one of the women lodged a complaint.

Another source from the Taliban prosecutor’s office in Onaba district confirmed to Amu that Humayun was detained by the group’s intelligence forces, however, he did not provide details about the nature of his crime.

The Taliban official wrote in response to an Amu reporter’s question that “the intelligence arrested him and did not provide details.” Another source who was aware of the matter told Amu TV that a charge of a moral crime “of this district governor is completely accurate.”

A number of Anaba district residents, meanwhile, told Amu TV that more than a hundred residents had complained about Humayun’s behavior.

Amu TV, however, could not get comment from the head of information and culture and the spokesman of the Taliban in Panjshir province, as well as Bilal Karimi, the deputy spokesman of the Taliban in Kabul – despite trying for two days.