10 killed in fuel tanker explosion in South Africa.

Ten people died and at least 40 others were injured in Boksburg, a city east of Johannesburg, when a fuel tanker exploded on Saturday morning, emergency services said.

The tanker, transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), got stuck under a low bridge close to a hospital and houses early Saturday morning.

According to William Ntladi, a spokesman for the emergency services in the region, firefighters were called to attend to “a tanker stuck under a bridge” at 7:50 am.

“Firefighters were called to extinguish the flames. Unfortunately, the tanker exploded,” he said.

Videos on social media show an initial fire raging in the area, with dozens of people watching. Suddenly a massive explosion and an enormous fireball is seen.
Thereafter, social media videos show gruesome images of badly burned bystanders, screaming and crying in pain, as many try to crawl away from the scene.

Ntladi said one of those injured was the driver of the truck who has been taken to hospital.

He said of the 40 injured, 19 are in critical condition while 15 others are seriously hurt but in stable condition. Six firefighters were also injured.

Emergency services officials said the tanker was carrying 60,000 liters of LPG, which is used in homes and industries for cooking, heating, cooling, and lighting.