22 people, including three women, flogged in public in Ghor

As many as 22 people, including three women, were publicly flogged at Marshal Dostum stadium in Jawzjan province of Afghanistan on Sunday, Taliban local officials confirmed.

Sources told Amu TV that the suspects were whipped in front of hundreds of spectators including high-ranking Taliban officials.

A source, who witnessed the public whipping, told Amu TV that the Taliban lashed the 22 suspects, including three women, 25 to 39 times over using and distributing drugs, robbery. He added that suspects were transferred to the Jawzjan court after receiving punishment.

The Taliban barred spectators from taking photos and videos and they also seized mobile phones of several people during the lashing, the source added.

The Taliban has publicly lashed more than 100 people over the past 30 days across Afghanistan.

On Thursday, the group flogged 12 people in the central Ghor province of Afghanistan.

A source, who witnessed the incident and wanted to remain anonymous, said that each suspect was whipped between 25 and 39 times while thousands of people watched at Ghor stadium.

The Taliban began public floggings after their leader Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada ordered judges in Kandahar last month to implement strict Sharia law including Qisas, Hudd, and public flogging.